Here’s how to configure Microsoft Office -

We often use for its many uses below you can get information about the setup of the office program.

We often use for its many uses below you can get information about the setup of the office program.

There are two variants available when you try to download, the home edition and the business edition. Although not all the products come with the product key, there are some that require a certain product key,

First, let’s focus on the home edition, so prior to installing the software if you have a product key, please make sure you make an account with Microsoft office or sign in with a new account and input the product key at

Your account is connected with the key, so entering the product key before installing Microsoft office helps us to identify your account. Now about the office edition, you can only install the software, if a person from your company has given a license to install, you can also check what license or which product from office365 you possess.

There are different and varying procedures to install the packages, depending on where you bought it from for instance, you purchased the package via your organization and it was for your own personal use, for this you can view install the office via Microsoft HUP

There are different ways your organization deals with installing so you can contact the IT technicians for help, or if you have purchased from some other seller and now face issues with product key.

You must have a PC or MAC for installing the Office that can meet the system requirements.

So, here are the steps to download Microsoft Office:

  • Navigate to and sign in.
  • Use the account to sign in, you used that was associated with the
  • Now, from the homepage of the MS office, click on the install tab.
  • This further completes the download. Now follow the installation steps given below

Guide to Install Microsoft office setup with

There are different tabs, on which you can click to install the MS office in the browser you are using,

  • For Internet Explorer, you can click on the run tab.
  • For Chrome, you can click on the tab setup.
  • For Firefox, you can click on the tab save the file.

If it asks you to decide, whether it should proceed further to install or not, choose yes.

Your installation process finishes; when it completes, then you can click on the close tab.

Guide to Activate the Microsoft office setup using

You can activate the by clicking on the start tab on your device, and input word, excel whichever product you have bought from

After the product opens up, you can now choose the accept the license agreement tab, and your product is successfully going to be activated.

Lastly, if you have tried installing the software and are still facing issues, you can always get in touch with our customer support staff team, they can guide with you easy step by step instructions into installing the MS office program, our customer support crew is always available 24/7.

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