Easy Methods For Resolving The Microsoft Office Error 30088-28

Easy Methods For Resolving The Microsoft Office Error 30088-28

Microsoft is a big tech company that has carved a reputation for itself with constant innovation in technology and excellent products for decades. Their office.com/setup package is efficient in accomplishing the tasks related to computing at a swift and fast rate. One can create amazing reports with detailed analysis and presentations with the help of the office. But there are issues related to office.come/setup that users some times such as the error 30088-28. These types of errors can be easily fixed by implementing the correct set of instructions provided below.

Repairing The Office Program

  • This is usually the first step when it comes to errors such as code 30088-28; you can do the repair task by going to the start tab and then clicking on the control panel for accessing the installed programs on your system.
  • Once you see the window of programs installed onto your system, you can locate the office program in the list and then click on it once. It will give you two options one would be named repair. Go ahead by clicking on it.
  • The repair will take a couple of seconds or minutes to finish once it is done you can update the office program and check if the office error 30088-28 Has been resolved or not if this doesn’t fix the error, then you can go to the next step.

Checking The Disk Space

  • If you do not have enough space in your hard disk, then this is the reason why you see this error. You will need to check if your computer has enough space for running the office program.
  • You can do this by opening this PC tab and going to the drive where your Office product is installed. Now you can right-click on it to access the pop up of properties. Over here, you will see if you have enough free space in the hard disk for running the office.
  • If you have less space in it, then you can delete some of the irrelevant files in your system and create some free space and update the office program to see if the error has been resolved.

The error code30088-28 related to www.office.com/setup can be fixed simply by following the instructions given above I a sequential manner.

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