Easy Steps For Fixing The Microsoft Office Error Code 0-1018

Easy Steps For Fixing The Microsoft Office Error Code 0-1018

Microsoft is a massive name in the realm of technology, and they have continuously provided the world with their innovative products which have served the world for years. One of them includes office.com/setup, which is highly efficient in achieving the computing of tasks. The office allows one to create amaizng presentations thanks to powerpoint and also enables them to create documents and analytic reports. Sometimes there are cases where users have to deal with errors such as the code 0-1018, which can be fixed by implementing the correct guidelines.

Causes of the error code 0-1018

  • The error code 0-1018 often appears on your screen due to a simultaneous installation that is already taking place.
  • When your system is affected by viruses and malware that hinder the functioning of your system.

Methods for fixing the error code 0-1018

Running a full system scan

  • You can start with clicking on your antivirus shortcut on the desktop, the one that is installed on your system; this will open the interface of the AV program. After that, click on the start PC scan and wait for the scanning procedure to complete.
  • When the results are out, and the scanning has finished, you will be able to see the malware and viruses that are possibly affecting your computer. You can click on the option of fix issues. This will remove the viruses from your system, and after this, you can check of the error code 0-1018 has been resolved or not.

Launching an SFC scan

  • Sometimes there are problems within the system files of the system which can lead to the error 0-1018 which can be resolved by running a system file checker scan. You can do this by going to the tab named start and then open the command prompt.
  • Once it opens you can input the command of SFC/scannow, this will start the scanning of the system files in your computer, and it will take a bit of time depending on the RAM of your system. Once done, you can check if the error has disappeared.

The error code 0-1018 associated with www.office.com/setup can be fixed easily by following these instructions sequentially.

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