How To Configure The Microsoft Office 365 Proplus Update Settings?

How To Configure The Microsoft Office 365 Proplus Update Settings?

Microsoft office is a reliable package for computing tasks at a brisk pace. It has provided users with tools for creating documents and attractive presentations. Some users face confusion for configuring the update settings in office 365 ProPlus edition. You can configure the update settings in office 365 proplus using two methods one is office deployment tool, and other is group policy.

Using The Deployment Tool 

  • You can install the proplus from the portal of office 365; however, using the office deployment tool will offer you specific control related to installation. This will cover the way office 365 proplus gets updated. 
  • The office deployment tool associated settings used to update and install the proplus edition are available in the .xml file of configuration. This file can be manipulated and edited in the document of notepad as it is a text-based file.
  • Some settings require to be specified for configuring the updates. For instance, getting updates automatically from the network share then you can include the line in the.xml configuration file. <updates Enabled-“TRUE” UpdatePath\\server\updates />

Using The Group Policy

  • You can start by downloading the latest template admin files related to the office which comprise office proplus 365 policy settings. Copy the tem[late admin file to AD DS, after this you will find the tab of update settings for the policy.
  • You will also see description regarding the configuration of policy settings. If you think of making changes later on, you can update the settings of group policy with the help of management console for group policy.
  • The updated settings get applied to your office program via the normal update process. One can use the settings of group policy regardless of the method used for the installation of the 365 ProPlus. Whether they install by their own or they, choose to use the deployment tool associated with office proplus 365 version.

It is effortless to configure the update settings in 365 Porplus edition. you can follow the directions given above.

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