How to Fix the Office Error Code 30066?

How to Fix the Office Error Code 30066?

Microsoft office is a handy software package that offers several solutions for accomplishing tasks with ease. However, users face some issues related to while operating it. The Company provides reliable solutions to troubleshoot the errors that occur. One of these errors is the office error code 30066. You can read about the solutions to quickly fix this error, follow the guidelines mentioned below.

Disable the antivirus and firewall temporarily

•    Navigate to the control panel, and then click on the system and security option, and then click again on the option of windows firewall.

•    Now, tap on the option that says turn the firewall on or off. Choose the turn off option for both public and private network.

•    Now update the office and see if the error persists. If you still find the error, then move to the next step of disabling the antivirus temporarily.

•    Open the application of your antivirus program installed onto your system.

•    Click on the option of settings and then go to the real-time protection, and toggle it off.

•    You will need to switch off the antivirus firewall and see if the error persists.

Perform the SFC scan

If your system files are corrupted, it can be fixed via the SFC scan. It can easily replace the corrupted version of the system files with the cached version available in the directory.

•    Begin with the privileges of admin you can open the command prompt window, then further input sfc/scannow, and press the enter key.

•    The scan begins automatically; you will need to keep the command prompt window open until the scan gets finished. After this, you can check if the error is resolved or not.

Repair the registry

You will require checking for registry corruption for error related to the key value. If any key-value gets corrupted, it could be the reason for the malfunctioning of the office program.

•    Begin with opening the registry editor, and deleting the older keys of the registry. These irrelevant keys can obstruct or block the installation of the updates.

•    You can navigate to the keys to remove them to ensure they do not interfere with updates installation.

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If you are facing issues when operating the office packages, then you can contact the customer team who can help you in troubleshooting your issues with professional knowledge and in-depth insights. The easy step by step easy instructions can help in fixing the issues you face.

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