How To Resolve The Office 365 Error Code 505.5.7.606 Banned Sending IP

How To Resolve The Office 365 Error Code 505.5.7.606 Banned Sending IP

Microsoft office is a task computing software that provides document creating provisions and helps in making attractive presentations. The package of comprises of excellent tools from Microsoft namely excel, powerpoint and word. Some issues occur while operating the software such as the error 505.5.7.606. you can resolve this issue by implementing the guidelines given below.

Verifying The IP Address

  • When trying to email using the office 365 edition, the emails fail to get delivered, and the error gets displayed on the screen. The message reads 505.5.7.606 access is denied.For fixing this problem, you can verify the IP address that is used by you.
  • This is the IP address that is used for communicating with the program of office 365. You can identify the public IP address by opening your browser and typing in what is my IP when IP gets identified via tool of PuTTY; you can open a session of telnet via port 25.
  • You can further type the commands of EHLO, MAIL FROM and RCPT TO. You will see your ip address that is blocked for removing it from the list you can navigate to and click submit in your browser.
  • The system will inform about the successful operation in sending to email to the recipient. Further, you’ll receive a mail of Microsoft delisting service that will prompt you for confirming the email ID. Click on the tab of confirmation link and then click on delist IP address tab for removing the IP from the ban list.
  • After this, you can verify if the IP has been successfully delisted. For this, you can test sending an email. If you encounter no errors reported, then the issue of the IP being band has been successfully resolved. If you face problems regarding sending the mails in 365 edition, then you can check the IP address in delist portal if it is blocked.

The issues related to office 505.5.7.606 can be successfully fixed by following these directions given above.

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