Quick Fixes For Resolving The Office Error Code 30174-4

Quick Fixes For Resolving The Office Error Code 30174-4

Microsoft office provides the required tools for creating attractive presentations, which include graphics, not only that one can also create reports featuring detailed analysis and graphs. Apart from the excellence of the office.com/setup package. Some issues are encountered by the users over time while operating the software. These include the Office error code 30174-4, which can be fixed by following the necessary resolutions given below.

Turning Off The Firewall

  • The firewall can block the functioning of the programs, so it is a wise move to switch it off to successfully install anew program that isn’t harmful to your system, such as the official program.
  • You can do that going to the start tab and clicking on control panel over here you will find the option of firewall you can click on it to view the settings related to the firewall.
  • Here you can toggle the settings to off; you can tick the box of the option that states firewall is enabled. After this, you can check if the error 30174-4 has been appropriately resolved or not.

Switching Off The Settings Related To Proxy

  • For switching off the settings of the proxy, you can go the start tab and then choose the option of settings and then choose the option of network and internet.
  • Further this you will require to choose the option of proxy. This will open a dialog box named auto proxy setup; in this, you can slide the settings to off.

Running A Malware Scan

  • You can run a malware scan if you suspect there is an infection in your system that is resulting in the error code 30174-4. This can be done by opening the antivirus software on your desktop, which has a shortcut for it. Double click on it and launch the program.
  • After this, you can choose a malware scan and wait for the procedure to finish. After that, you can click on the fix issues tab and then see if the error has been fixed.

The error code 30174-4 related to www.office.com/setup can be quickly resolved by taking on these necessary steps.

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