Simple Steps For Troubleshooting The Microsoft Error Code 0-1012

Simple Steps For Troubleshooting The Microsoft Error Code 0-1012

Microsoft office is the best deal one can find in the market when it comes to choosing the most advanced and comprehensive packages for computing tasks. Microsoft has long served its customers for decades and has provided quality services to numerous users, whether they are personal users or big corporate firms. The apps such as powerpoint and excel, enable users to make amazing presentations and detailed reports easily. Sometimes issues occur related to such as the error code 0-1012 which can be resolved quickly by following the below-given steps.

Disabling The Proxy Related Settings

  • You can start with pressing the Windows logo key and also the R key together, now after that; you will require to enter appwiz.cpl, further this you can press on the option named connection which is in the internet options.
  • Now choose the LAN settings tab and then untick the option of proxy settings, further click on the apply tab and then hit ok. After this, you can check if the error has disappeared or not.

Limiting The Antivirus Momentarily

  • Sometimes the antivirus can interfere in the normal functioning of the programs on your system. For this, you will require to restrict your antivirus for some time. You can do this by opening the antivirus on your system, then go the settings menu.
  • Further, you can choose the option of real-time protection and then switch it off; you can toggle the button to turn the protection off for some time to see if this is contributing to the error code 0-1012. Now, verify if the error has been resolved.

Update Your System With Upgrades

  • Running windows without upgrading not only exposes it to threats but also hinders the performance of your order. You can download the latest upgrades and install in your system.
  • After this, you can reboot the machine and update the office program again. After all these steps, you can check if the error persists or has been resolved.

The error code 0-1012 linked with can easily be fixed by following these guidelines systematically.

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