What Are The Steps For Fixing The Microsoft Office Error Code 30015 11?

What Are The Steps For Fixing The Microsoft Office Error Code 30015 11?

Microsoft office is the trusted software used by millions all over the globe. the www.office.com/setup package provides the users with the required tools to edit and create documents. Although excellent software but some issue occur related to its functionality such as code 30015 11. you can fix this error by implementing the guidelines given here.

Restricting The Firewall For Some Time

You can start by limiting the firewall to fix the error code 30015 11. the firewall can interfere with the working of programs installed on your system. This can lead to the malfunctioning of the programs. To fix this, you can go to the Start tab and click on the control panel option.
Here you can click on the option of security and system, further which you will require selecting the option of the firewall. Over here, you can click on the firewall settings option. Go ahead and untick the box of keep firewall on. After this, you can update the program of office application to see if the error 30015 11 has been fixed or not.

Limiting The Antivirus Firewall Temporarily

The antivirus firewall acts similarly in a way that it blocks the working of the programs. you can limit the functioning of the antivirus firewall to see if the error 30015 11 gets resolved or not. To do this, you can double click the icon of antivirus installed in your system.
Now you can click on the Settings option and click on the antivirus firewall tab. Here you will need to toggle the setting of the firewall and switch it off. you must remember that you’re doing this temporarily. Once the error 30015 11 gets resolved, you can switch it back on.

Checking For The Authenticity Of The Program

You can logon to the office.com/setup website and log in to your account. Here you can check the details associated with product code.
If you have bought the product from a third party, then you will need to check the authenticity of the program by looking for the product code.

After following these steps, you can quickly resolve the error 30015 11 associated with the www.office.com/setup program.

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